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五大联赛:《暗黑之门- 伦敦》1.20工程师的雄蜂很多bug被修正了


    * Engineer Drone behavior improved.
    * Fixed a bug that allowed Repair Drone to be used at no cost.
    * Drones will now level properly along with their owner. Existing Drones that are below your character’s level will automatically be raised to the correct level.
    * Drones now receive correct health bonuses with skill level after they are re-summoned.
    * Engineer Drones now come with a base armor rating.
    * Engineer Drones now properly receive Armor bonuses from Armor affixes.
    * Fixed bugs that caused Engineer Drones to receive more than twice as much Armor than intended.
    * Fixed a bug that prevented the effects of Medpak Retrofit and Shield Generator Retrofit to properly scale up with additional levels.
    * Engineers should no longer erroneously receive bonuses from items which grant the Overshield skill.
    * Summoned pets should no longer fail to spawn when summoned.

*雄蜂重新召唤后恢复正确的生命和技能奖励(也就是说以前那种刚进游戏的时候换装备招唤雄蜂,五大联赛:《暗黑之门 只要不退出游戏以后招出来的雄蜂都不变的bug没了)

>>暗黑之门伦敦 攻略秘籍专区



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